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Monday, January 10, 2011
7:30 a.m.
Contact:  Dan Weber, President, Weber Technologies, Inc., 435-531-3101
Attached: pictures of Dan Weber with his Selective Sampling Receiver, at work in his garage on his Selective Sampling Receiver, pictures are free of copyright
Pronunciation: "Weber"  the short "e" as in "when": WEH-bur

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A Cedar City, Utah man has been granted a federal patent for a new type of radio wave receiver that will revolutionize the way radio waves can be used.  Dan Weber, in his small home garage, and with most parts purchased from Radio Shack, invented a device called a Selective Sampling Receiver, which will be able to do everything from help aircraft and cars more safely navigate through bad weather, to aid soldiers in battle by directing weapons with greater accuracy.  This patent is so powerful even the Federal Bureau of Investigations was alerted and investigated its inventor while his patent was pending. 

Weber says, "This is an enabling piece of technology, which can be used with radios, televisions, and even satellites.  The Selective Sampling Receiver I invented is able to better hone in on a specific radio signal without the interference other receivers have to try and filter through.  My receiver is able to take a timed sample of a repetitive radio wave and pinpoint a signal.  This invention will take radio wave receiving to a whole new and more precise level, of which the practical applications are endless."

Now with his patent secure, Weber is working to quickly license out his patent to corporate partners to bring this important invention to the market.   His patent was a "first issuance" patent, which is extremely rare and means that no other device is like his.   

Weber is available for interviews and further questions.  Contact Dan Weber at 435-590-3322.



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